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The bookmarklet takes care of the heavy lifting when saving content.


Keep track of what links are to watch and those to read. Add a date when needed.


Browse thousands of videos and articles that others have saved.

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The happen bookmarklet is a game changer.

No more heavy lifting.

The title and url are pulled in automatically. Add in notes, tags and share it with friends.

Your saves are personally organized and searchable

Filter for to_watch and to_read. Make content private or public.

Directly share content with your friends

Happen will group your shares and notify your friends only when you share with them.

It's made for the Internet

See what users are saying

That’s actually a lifesaver because I’m one of those who always has a million tabs open

- Mel T

The bookmark is wildly useful. Can't believe I wasn't using it before

- John P

Being able to filter my bookmarks for to_watch saves me so much time! Happen, Netflix, and chill ;)

- Hannah L


Currently Free! Once out of beta well be $14/year with a 3-day trial