Know when ______ happens

The best place to track your interests until they occur

There are tv shows, product releases, concerts and other events we look forward to before there is a scheduled date.

You can now track them using happen.
1. Find something you're looking forward to
2. Add it to your happen board

Once you post an event on happen others can help you add dates as they come in, links and comment on your post.

3. Be reminded when it occurs

Get reminded how you like

Your calendar
Happen notification
What Your Happen Board Looks Like
Every user has their own board, add events from others or post your own.
Discover More Events
Good Things Take Time!

Follow events as they play out. Here are the different date types an event can have.

Looking For Date

There has been no mention of when the event might happen

Expected To Happen

It's been announced when the event might occur (i.e. Year 2020, Summer 2020, August 2020)

Upcoming, Today, Happened

The event has been scheduled and you'll be notified before it starts


The event has been closed by the owner, it's no longer expected to occur.

Explore The Events of Your Favorite Influencers
Happen tracks dates and the best content, so you don't have to
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