Closed and Rescheduled by Coronavirus COVID-19
This virus has closed so many things that we love. This is an active list, follow an event and you'll be notified when it's rescheduled. Here is how: 1. Let us know about events by posting an event and tagging it with "corona-virus", DM us on Twitter (@usehappen) works too. 2. Our team at will do our part and TRACK when it re-opens and update the event date. 3. Anyone that follows an event will be notified when it's rescheduled. Examples CBS - Closed because of COVID19 Events - F1 races cancelled, Virtual Grand Prix Sunday Mar 22 @ 8pm GMT Conferences - E3 2020 cancelled Concert - Mariah Carey Hawaii Show rescheduled Store Closures - Apple stores closed







China to end Wuhan Coronavirus...
Apr 8
Coachella Weekend 1
Oct 9
Coachella Weekend 2
Oct 16
Mariah Carey Hawaii Show
Nov 28